SZ Shvarts Zedkia: An Indispensable Consultant for Emerging & Established International Companies in Israel

Galit Horovitz, Business Development PartnerEminent for its effervescent entrepreneurial culture, Israel is be jewelled with the moniker ‘Startup Nation’ due to its substantial number of startups per capita, around one startup for 1,400 people. Positioned next to Silicon Valley as the largest hub of startups, Israel is witnessing a huge influx of startups every year; between 1,100-1,380 as per a survey by Start-Up Nation Finder, besides embodying the third-most number of traded companies on the NASDAQ. Across such complex entrepreneurial networks, innovation holds an instrumental role, where in The Israel Innovation Authority, an independent publicly funded agency, emphasizes on addressing the dynamic requirements of local and international innovation ecosystems. Ranging from the technology startups at all stages to mature companies, academic groups, MNCs, R&D centres and traditional factories & plants that emerge in Israel pivot on this Innovation Authority to acquire the essential grants for their break through innovations.

With comprehensive expertise on all tracks and operations of The Israel Innovation Authority, SZ Shvarts Zedkia stands as the linchpin of international companies that are aspiring to etch their excellence in Israel. Poised in the intricate tech ecosystem of Israel, SZ Shvarts Zedkia is a globally renowned Accounting & Financial Consulting firm that has been crafting tailor-made financial solutions to bolster startups, hi-tech companies, freelancers, small businesses, international companies and many more, at all business phases. Beingthe member of Allinial Global, an international financial advisory network with 300+ members spanning 50+ countries, SZ Shvarts Zedkia is associated with diverse classes of firms and thereby proffers services to multiple companies both in Israel and overseas. The company doesn’t work on templates. It believes in providing one-on-one service, ensuring that clients obtain a personal service with all its attention.

" With comprehensive expertise on all tracks and operations of The Israel Innovation Authority, SZ Shvarts Zedkia stands as the linchpin of international companies that are aspiring to etch their excellence in Israel"

Full-Fledged Consultations
In Israel, despite being the startups hub, it has always been strenuous, from opening a bank account to laying the foundation for a new company, since it requires conforming to a roster of regulations and having unparalleled managing skills. In contrast to other accounting & financial experts in Israel, SZ Shvarts Zedkia assists international companies, right from their establishment with company registration to setting-up operations, creating a bank account and managing it regularly on their behalf, to finally becoming their indispensable assistant. Being second to none in the legal and financial realms of Israel, the firm accompanies these companies throughout their business career by offering an umbrella of services in accounting, bookkeeping, tax (local & international), payroll, external CFO, budget & cash flow management, funding, startup kit, due diligence, financial efficiency, administrative and many others.

On the whole, the firm leads the clients towards the path of success by operating as the financial department of its clients’ organization in Israel and letting them concentrate on their core business. An MBA graduate in Finance, Galit Horovitz (Business Development Partner, SZ Shvarts Zedkia) elucidates, “We are not just accountants or
financial advisors. We accompany the clients in their day-to-day business by knowing their company inside out and all their issues beyond financial, which is indeed the added value we provide them”.

Sui Generis Finesse
By regularly honing its finesse to perform deep-rooted financial analysis along with strategic planning, SZ Shvarts Zedkia distinguishes itself as the financial consulting maven that helps companies in seeking an investor either in Israel or abroad, preparing them to approach investors with all the requisite material, achieving maximum growth, and also helping them to penetrate deeper into the market. What draws a distinction between the company and its peers is its wide network of investors across Israel, U.S. and overseas that guides companies in identifying the right investors. In addition to this value-added service, SZ Shvarts Zedkia excels in delivering all kinds of administrative services, labour law services and also HR services to clients, wherein it ushers them in choosing the potential workforce through an extensive network, coupled with employees signing the contracts. In fact, SZ Shvarts Zedkia always thinks out-of-the-box to enhance its service portfolio in tandem with the clients’ demands while introducing new fangled value-added services that can bestow them with surplus benefits.

" SZ Shvarts Zedkia leads the clients towards the path of success by operating as the financial department of its clients’ organization in Israel and letting them concentrate on their core business"

The Business Structure
Galit expounds, “Our firm’s business structure resembles a pyramid with the partner on the top who oversees everything, followed by accountants, bookkeepers, payroll services and others. This way, clients always have a clear-cut idea on whom to approach pertaining to their demands while the partner keeps a detailed note of all their day-to-day activities”. Galit harbours a vast international experience and has worked with companies in the U.S., Europe, China and India. Besides practicing fundraising in Israel and abroad, along with marketing, sales and business development, she has profound prowess in M&A of international hi-tech companies as well as accounting & financial consulting firms.

While conforming to all the crucial rules and regulations of Israel’s Government and Tax Authorities, SZ Shvarts Zedkia deploys the state-of-the-art technologies such as IoT, VR, Robotics, Accounting Software and Business Intelligence software to carry-out its services. The entire data of clients is secured by the firm’s IT department that strictly adheres to ISO and GDPR regulations.

Eclectic Management
SZ Shvarts Zedkia’s management comprises of partners with deep-rooted skills and longstanding experience, accountants, business strategists, financial advisors, lawyers and business development experts. The firm comes-up with several programs that not only elevate employee engagement, but also keep them undeniably happy. New ideas and developments are always encouraged among the employees while they are upskilled rigorously on the advancing regulations and processes both in Israel and around the world.

SZ Shvarts Zedkia orients itself in the most professional manner to formulate the best, personalized services to clients, scattered over variegated sectors right, from tech and non-tech companies to fashion designers, design architects, R&D centres and many more.

Key Management:
Horovitz, Business Development Partner
At SZ Shvarts Zedkia, Galit accompanies startups through their growing stages encompassing strategic management, business development in Israel & abroad, along with fundraising.

SZ Shvarts Zedkia in Spotlight
• SZ Shvarts Zedkia stands as the right hand to international companies that intend to establish their presence in Israel
• SZ Shvarts Zedkia has offices in Israel, and International desks in Europe and the U.S.
• With know-how, network and unique perspective of the clients’ business environments, SZ Shvarts Zedkia strives to minimize risks while creating value for their businesses
• SZ Shvarts Zedkia believes in working side-by-side with its clients, assisting them in every step of their way with a full complement of services to help them reach their objectives

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Park Afek (Rosh HaAyin) & Tel Aviv

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